Monday, August 27, 2012

Accidents lock doors

Accidents lock doors

Child may develop in any part of his body, and private parties and head fractures and severe pain when it closes a door, or windows, doors and private feedback and the helicopter.

To avoid damage accidents, we lock the doors the following:

* Develop a good control locks the doors so that does not close because of the wind.

* Taking into account the mother put the keys in a place far from the reach of children.

* It is also helpful to keep a backup copy of the keys to rooms of the house in a place far from the reach of children.

* In the case of detention of a child in one room, it should be done to calm the child first, so as not to pay the feeling of fear to harm himself accidentally, which may cause a bigger problem, and then start thinking about how to open the door away from the harm to the child.

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