Sunday, August 12, 2012

Accidents Toys

Accidents Toys

That the occurrence of drops and damage in games used by children in the home needs mother and father to ensure the protection of the enjoying area.
For the avoidance of such occurrences we follow the following:

- Design must be age appropriate equipment, games and kid's physical development.

- Must be locations of games away from the populated roads and main.

- Harmony between the mind games, so games are placed with big, some with and some of them not to mix up them.

- The surface area of the floor around the Games of the most important Mistojbat protection and best exotic surface area is the top area which helps to process excitement and should be in the range of level of 30 cm and be free of cup and pebbles.

- Not to mess with illumination lights inside out until the child was harm Do not Get power.

- Separation between the set games and mobile games and want to build a fencing between them.

- Games regularly check to make sure their protection and not suffering from natural aspects, and that all games are set up effectively and not where the sticking out parts and jolts.

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