Monday, May 18, 2015

Ambulance burns


Ambulance Burns 

1 - off any flame was injured and transferred to a well-ventilated 

2 - extinguishing burning clothing 

3 - make sure airways impassable 

4 - dipping the infected body with cold water 

5 - not to put cold water on the burning of large areas 

6 - If the burn covers large areas can be put cold compresses on the face and hands 

7 - remove items of clothing for burning the place of infection 

8 - the failure to remove bubbles or burned skin 

9 - not to remove items of clothing stuck to burn the place 

10 - not to put ointment is not intended for burning or fatty substances or coffee or eggs or toothpaste on the place of burning 

11 - to calm the patient 

12 - lift a patient higher than the level of burning 

13 - cover the place burn dressing sterile indoor Balvezlin 

14 - He was taken to hospital 

 Ambulance chemical burns 

1 - Remove clothing from affected area 

2 - wash the chemical in large quantities of water immediately for a period of five minutes

3 - use one of the following Mahloulin - A dilute solution of vinegar Water + 5% vinegar - Solution of carbonate of soda Hung two small salt + a glass of water 

 Comments If you reach an area of ​​burning one-third of the body is a serious burn regardless of the depth and type of 

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