Monday, August 27, 2012

Arms inside the house creates aggressive children

Arms inside the house creates aggressive children

Incidents of bullying and caused frequent thefts in the spread of the phenomenon of the acquisition of spare arms and keep them inside the house, in anticipation of any danger, but the validity of the acquisition of arms in the presence of children at home? Does this atmosphere will affect the sense of security or not

Possession of weapons inside the house is not healthy, especially if there are children, because the child is not aware of the seriousness of the weapon, and when he sees at home to think it is natural and normal, and can be used even for his father's tradition, and here lies the danger
There was a case of collective protection, and people close to each other and agreed on one goal, and participated in the adult, youth and children themselves, which is reflected on their behavior and make them not feel intimidated and learn self-confidence.
We must know the user weapon that is used by the state is only temporary, so as not to become the idea of ​​resorting to violence is the nearest road to self-defense, and unfortunately, we find parents reinforce the psychological children beatings and violence against the other, arguing that the words «Aaizinhm keep his men», and this is wrong, it is could Oazz child principle of right defense, and not negative and submission, but not be the first solution is beating, but be the final solution
: If forced circumstances father «as officers, police or army» to keep arms inside the house, then put it in a place far from children altogether, and would prefer not to have learned the mother, too, and should the mother not to scare her by using weapons such as «Hmutk Balskina» or «Hdbg if worked something wrong », as well as avoid talking about incidents of bullying and theft in front of children so as not to share panic, it is possible to know what is happening around them, but not consistently, besides, should not be confined Kid games in pistols and machine guns, and Games« PlayStation » , filled with violence and focus on sports and art activities and entertainment games and intelligence

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