Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bathrooms caused the accident

Bathrooms caused the accident

The bathrooms of the most dangerous parts of the house where the kitchen comes after directly in recorded incidents of domestic

Here are some points that require that you take in mind when designing and implementing the bathrooms in your home

- You should choose a flooring of ceramic or marble, which are surfaces slip resistant and the development of parts made ​​of rubber slip resistant

- Nationalist installing rods stick in the bathtub and shower and near the toilet to help the young and the elderly not to get sucked

- Make sure that no electrical key is less than 1.5 meters from any source of water in the bathroom or installing switches moisture resistant

- Avoid to be in your bathroom any sharp edges and use a circular edges

- National installed heater temperature to 65 ° C maximum and make sure a safety valve in the heater and that it works properly and periodically 

- Make sure that the light sources used in the bathroom of the kind that is not affected by moisture

- Installation of suction fans to reduce the high humidity in Alhamat and prevent the formation of mold and fungi are harmful to health

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