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Burns .. the most serious incidents of the kitchen

Burns .. the most serious incidents of the kitchen

With the holy month of Ramadan intervention housewife kitchen daily for preparation, processing and breakfast .. and you have given the time constraints to accelerate the work to be able to provide food in a timely manner with Morocco ears. Has been exposed as a result of the speed of some incidents .. Explains Dr. Lutfi Hassan Sea nutrition professor at the Faculty of Home Economics at the University of Helwan how these accidents can be avoided or treated if signed, says: The injuries are the primary threat inside the kitchen .. The knives are one of the main reasons so advises d. Lutfi that Mkabdha should be heavy to be a greater speed when falling not injure the hands or feet Ms. condition of trying to capture during the fall .. Also prefer to use a knife and cutting board meat and the other for cutting vegetables and a third of the fruit, and notes put pregnant knives in a high place within the children away from eating .. When cutting aluminum foil used Holes edge of the carton even cut flat and not injure the hand .. Are dealing with a blender blades with caution and preferably disassembled to be cleaned also opens the cover of food cans full saved before submitting .. And use the brush or sponge with handle to wash the cups and glass cups and preferably washed by hand in order to prevent injury if broken glass. The burns are second danger inside the kitchen and prevent it advises d. For Lutfi to be handles pots solid and made of materials, insulating, and during cooking draws handles pots on the stove inside, also take into account that the Almsakat or gloves made of insulating material to heat and be medium fish and dry when used so as not to sting hand if wet, in the case put the pot on the table is hot are recommended glove it as a warning to the rest of the family .. and because steam is hotter than boiling water should raise caps pots hot so slowly leaking steam gradually, taking into account الإشاحة face away from the steam, and should be dried food well before minority in the oil boiled with his slowly, and in the event of a fire tube is blocked immediately or butane gas lift knife with the use of fire extinguisher, and cover the pot filled with oil if caught it on fire to block him oxygen and extinguished with water .. If there burns a piece of ice or cold water on a burning place because it helps to lower the temperature of the skin and make it clean and then placed ointment burns .. and if the burn is severe it is advisable to go to the doctor. For electrical machines preferably be placed away from water or fire, taking into account not be exposed wiring, and the hand must be drying Ezhaand grasp and remove or open the refrigerator. The third risk faced by women in the kitchen is exposure to slip, so has to be cleaned of any food is located on the ground and if it has fat is sprayed salt or flour by absorption and facilitate the cleaning process .. and preferably with a rug small kitchen floor because ceramic attracts steam strictly Ski with no choice shoe boots heeled sleek and avoid tumble and fall. In the end, stresses d. Lutfi on the importance of establishing strict rules for children because they are the source of danger, and by warning of rapid movement in the kitchen and preferably accompany their mother to guide them and teach them how to avoid accidents, taking into account the quiet housewife in the case of accidents, and act wisely .. And most importantly to be kitchenware product was good because the poor may be a major cause of accidents.

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