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child starts crawling be careful

 Child Starts Crawling Be Careful

Child starts crawling and balance between the sixth month and the eighth month of age.
In crawl piety muscles parties and back.
Creeping baby is the first movement of his ground until it reaches the things around him rather than the things it had received.
Your child does not have previous experience in the accident, and can not estimate the consequences, so you can do whatever it takes to safety.

- Make sure that the doors of the room or the house closed, especially those that lead to the stairway or balcony. And be the door closed in a manner difficult for the child to pay or open.
- Keep medicines, and caustic chemicals, and chemical detergents, pesticides and insecticides in agricultural and high cabinets closed is difficult for the child to open.
- Make sure there are no small pieces can be ingested or pins or pieces of glass on the floor or a sharp carpet.
- Make sure the safety of the pieces and tools developed by the child in the mouth, it can be contaminated with bacterial, or to leave it in his mouth remnants of toxic substances such as paint games, he enters a dangerous shot on the child's health and future.
- Make sure there is no cover for the child table can be withdrawn is located above the head.
- Make sure there are no toxic plants domestic child can reach them and put them in his mouth.
- Make sure there are no sharp corners can collide with your child during the march, such as angles table or any other devices.
- Make sure there is no furniture next to windows or balconies, the Atzlgaha child and drops them on the street.
- Make sure that the fence openings or windows porch narrow child can not come out and fall to the street.
- Keep toys the child inside the large room until the child does not use a ladder climb it to reach the cabinets or windows or balconies high.
- Do not let your child climb above the high chairs, for fear of falling to incomplete balance.
- Make sure the cleanliness of the house floor, because child creeping sought to put what joins it in his mouth, to synchronize with crawl out teeth. Nationalist using disinfectants to clean the floor of the house, to protect the child from bacterial contamination.
- Make sure that the electricity sources are protected difficult for the child to enter what could be the cause Tmasa electrically Aassagah or cause serious fire inside the house.
- Make sure that electrical appliances - or similar - fixed difficult for the child paid or withdrawn.
- The kitchen or bathroom of dangerous places for children to crawl. Pay attention to what his or reach it with his hands.
- careful to any door child can be paid or opens, the refrigerator door open and entered into, it will be difficult for him out of it, and will not Tgdi only after it is too late, God forbid.
- Use a safety belt for your child when navigating in the car or markets.
- Many people have neglected these precautions, whom they claimed to trust in God, does Akloha then Trust in him, but what is the benefit the brain, one of God to the human, and when that will be used not used to protect the child creeping toward life. Oalna state of emergency when your baby starts to crawl. Your child very excited because holding everything to pay to his mouth. His teeth began to leave, his gums hurt him. 
-Your child is not ignorant estimated consequences, because it does not have previous experience,
You consequences of his movement.
Your child darted toward life, not Thrm accessible ..

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