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children's innocence and treachery electricit

 Children's Innocence and Treachery Electricity

Cause electricity death of many of the children in the home, and one of the accidents in the home the most dangerous and that lead to the loss of enormous human and economic, in addition to the dangers resulting from playing with the tools electrical, so progress YASA and the Lebanese Committee for the prevention of fires some important recommendations to avoid the occurrence of any accident to the child as a result of electric current.

The injury caused dangerous electricity are:
Electrical burns
Electric shock
Power lead to the injury of the child had severe burns may be deep and very serious addition to the outbreak of fire in the home, causing serious material damage.
The electric shock causing stopped breathing, absence of consciousness and death. The treatment of this case is not only the presence of a doctor or paramedic apprentice who is being respirators and then transmitted to the injured to hospital.

The main reason for children's exposure to injury is the absence of electric control and neglect by parents and the curiosity of children to play and discover all that surrounds them, including electricity.
 Accidents produce electricity from the electrical socket by touching the child or put something inside it as the key or touching electrical tape slung from the TV, fridge, washing machine or inside the bathroom where humidity is high ...

YASA and the recommendations of the Lebanese Committee for the prevention of fire to protect the child from the risk of electricity are as follows:
The use of electrical outlets (Alves) with lids. And must not leave the electrical wiring in front of the child because he has intentionally chew or strapped to himself.
Regular maintenance of all electrical wiring, especially the phenomenon of which, in the case of danger separates the power supply quickly.
Educate children about the seriousness of playing with electricity.
Keep your alarm and fire extinguisher in the home, and make sure the batteries are always changing.
 Constantly monitor the child.

The electrical appliances and Brad Kalmquah water ... A grave danger to the child that parents should monitor and attention and not leave him alone in front of electrical appliances in order to preserve his safety.

Electric irons
Result from electric irons burns directly on the skin as a result of the child left unattended in front of a fire or in the home because of omission or negligence in not separated from the electric current.
Therefore, the following guidelines must be followed:
Do not leave the child alone and hot irons. After the completion of them put it in a place far from its disposal.
Leaving the iron in a high place Klouh Ironing and left hanging tape is very dangerous, because the child has been intentionally withdrawn and fall on his head.
Therefore, it is best to wrap the tape around the irons well and kept in a place far from the reach of children.
Warning the child from the dangers of playing an iron electric.

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