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Domestic accidents and how to behave

Domestic accidents and how to behave

Reminder evolution when the child every stage of child development has notified special

0 to 3 months, 
we always monitored by an adult.
In his bed to make sure of safety (as I mentioned earlier there is no pillow or cover room temperature between 19-20 Drahh C)
Do not leave at all alone in the bathtub or on the changing table
Never alone in the car or at home

From 3 months

Child begins maintenance of things nearby, turn his head, rolling on his side on the changing table or on your bed

Between 4-6 months

Begins a little sit down but could not control the balance

Between 6-9 months

The child begins to move his legs and crawl on his hands and his curiosity motivates him to catch whatever is in front of him and directly in the mouth

Between 9-18 month

The child begins to stand and then walk begins discovers the world around him
Begins gradually understand the word no
Be aware that not situated on rolling, from burns in the kitchen and cleaning materials

Starting 18 months

Child begins depends on the same

Understand your tips and your announcements to back away from the dangers, but likes to imitate in everything you are doing
Jumps all over the place more than the fear of falling and careful of open windows

Starting two years

Child walking up and down rolling alone, opens the doors and go exploring.

Curiosity increases, but is not aware of the consequences after

From 3 years

Child feels confident himself and moving around a lot, speak and understand more
Begins knows the difference between what is allowed and what is forbidden, but is unable to calculate the consequences and dangers here are greater

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