Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Prevention

Fall   Prevention

Not to put a young child unattended on a table eating high chair Altgierao

Not leave him alone at the windows and rolling it is best to put a special barrier Baldrog

Attention from the ground Alzeljh (some carpets, ground Alamblolh & Bath)
Attention of the Games sharp or broken or which breaks up quickly
Be sure to install furniture on the wall such as reservoirs or libraries
Put the pieces of plastic that are placed on special sharp edges of tables, chairs and bed

If the play many doors and so as not to cause offense there cut so as not closing the door on his handsد


If the child did not lose consciousness

We monitored well and was taken to hospital during the early hours 6-12 hours

We monitor the following symptoms

Tends to sleep
Behavior strange

And imposed control these symptoms for 36 hours after the fall that's what the doctor asks, even if detected unusual at first

However, if the unconscious

You should not move
Contact Balastajalat immediately
And place it in a position that safety means on his side so if pious does not go to the respiratory system and become another problem in

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