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Falls in children

Falls in children

The reason for the occurrence of accidents in the home is intended to ignorance, neglect, or the result of deficiencies in the safety information with family members, so we had to touch to this important subject by clarifying safety requirements to be followed in the home and how to prevent risks through direct instructions important to help the family to avoid accidents in the home

Home is the place to which the child feels safe and secure, but it is unfortunate that children are exposed to serious incidents of domestic Kalsagot, ... Etc. due to negligence and non-intensive care.
A child unrestrained desire for exploration and play, plays with all the same it is located, so we have to make our child to play and explore in a safe environment free from any danger.
 I know that planning and awareness are essential to become a home safer and more comfortable for your child.
Exposed annually in the world, about two and a half of the children for injuries or death within the home. Where increasing incidents of the first year to about eight, but we can avoid many of these injuries by following some simple guidelines inside the house.
We regret also to emphasize that death did not compose only part of the tragedy, as it paid the death of every child there are hundreds of other children who suffer from permanent disabilities and partially as a result of various types of accidents.
The disability affects not only the patient but to society as a whole and particularly on the economic situation to the family of the victim because of what it takes to care and medical services are expensive.
 Falls and tripping and slipping:
The falls of the most common household accidents and incidents constitute the vast majority of incidents of the house, and ranking second in terms of being one of the most important events leading to the death of children after road accidents. And thus to protect our children must follow the following preventive measures:
Prevent falls from balconies and windows:
1 - You must close the doors leading to balconies.
2 - should be placed barriers and contraindications appropriate consistent with the safety requirements on the windows and balconies.
3 - You should avoid placing furniture, especially chairs and tables near the windows and balconies to avoid the fall of the children of them.
Prevention of slipping in the bathroom:
The bathroom tiles wet with water risk could slip him a child or adult, and this often leads to fatal accidents slip.
So follow these guidelines:
 1 - must cover the bathroom floor coverings made of rubber or vinyl and get rid of the remains of powder and liquid soap (shampoo) used during bathing.
 2 - must be provided in the bottom of the bathtub rubber carpet when showering.
Prevention of deadlock in the living room:
1 - You must make sure that the shelves of books, television and other heavy objects, properly installed so the child can not drag it.
2 - arrange furniture in a good way, so as not to be placed in the aisles or in the field of movement of the child, and dispensing with the excess of it.
Fall prevention in the bedroom:
1 -. Should not be the distance between the joints of wood on the sides of your bed more than 6 cm in order not to enter his head from.
2 - Keep your side of the bed and locked up whenever your child inside.
3 - Do not leave the games must be inside the bed so the child does not stand out, since the child has been used to identify them to get out of bed.
4 - You must make sure that the bed bolts securely tightened, and there is no lost bolts.
5 - Keep the bed away from windows, decorations and paintings hanging on the walls, and heating equipment, and furnishings that can climb, ropes and curtains, and other things that can threaten the safety of the child.
Fall prevention in the dining room:
1 - do not have to let your child stand in a chair eating, or to come out of them alone.
In the end, we can not fail to emphasize to parents that they are highly control and observe all safety rules and principles in order to avoid a large proportion of accidents that cause permanent disability and sometimes our children may end their lives.

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