Monday, August 27, 2012

Fire incidents

Fire incidents

Is often the main cause of accidents in the home fires is absurd Butkab sulfur or gas pipe, or put something flammable on the stove while it is running. Also, the majority of cases of children's exposure to the burning of the hands of children because of exposure to fire is burning, or use hot water in the shower at once on the body without testing the water first, or the fall of hot liquids on the body of the child during the address. To avoid falling into the problems of burns, we have:

* Avoid placing sulfur match the vicinity of children.

* Develop a gas pipe in the wheel of isolated children can not open it.

* Determine the temperature of the heater to 120 degrees.

* Do not carry children or their presence in the kitchen during cooking.

* Make sure there are no children in the place when you move the hot water.

* Avoid hot liquids to provide for children.

* Make sure the keys to close the gas well in the case of children left alone inside the house.

* Retain Balolaat and matches, and other materials that help to ignition in places far from the reach of children.

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