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Fires Domestic Gas

 Fires Domestic Gas   




 Characterized gases in the event of leakage the presence of dangerous risk of poisoning and the risk of ignition and explosion of their ability to easily mixing with air which ownsAlso property ignition easily so it when gases in the narrow space occurs ignition resulting explosions are enormous and cause damage and may cause death of many Also, in cases of a gas leak and spread to a distance of exporter and encountered flames triggering strongly rebounding for exporting and these types gas Albotojaz who calls propane gas or butane as it colorless and odorless but added mechanism sulfur so that we can distinguish smells and this type of gas claustrophobic if inhaled a large amount of it in the case of leakage spread and be in the lower level of the air because it is heavier than air twice a fast-spreading and at the time of fire must Close the gas supply device can be used powder or halon extinguishers or any other material suitable as needed

To act in the event of a gas leakWhen a gas leak somewhere in the risk is much greater than the existence of a fire and gas, especially when the leak during the night when people are asleep as the gas when infiltration extends to a distance and spread by the movement of the air stream and be exposed to flammable until you return fire and quickly to the source of leakage and the accompanying From the sound of an explosion and ignition may sometimes lead to the occurrence of landslides and cracks in buildings so when you feel the presence of the gas leak should act as followsWhen you sense the presence of a gas leak must open the nearest window or door to you and slowly so as to renew the air with no confusionDo not use electric switches, either conquest or closureRaising children or anyone asleep at ground level because the gas is heavier than air twice so that it will not be a bottleneck and be awaken gently and without panic and make sure to rouse the person and he is not unconsciousMoving steadily towards the source of the gas leak and close it with attention not to use any shoes contain pieces of metal or screwsEvacuate the house from every gas to dissipate with open all ventilation outlets

Some cases of gas fires and disposal methods

In the case of flammable gas cylinder home should be refrigerated place surrounding by direct process fire and close the cylinder to stop the continuation of the gas leak and are dealing with gas cylinder after or behind a curtain like a wall or the like when you do in the process of extinguishing water must be water in the form of spray and then must wait for the simple if disappeared from the cylinder body spray quickly there is a great danger and if left no risk, particularly the risk of a gas cylinder explosionIn the event of a defect in the gas cylinder valve to keep as much as possible on burning gas to ward off any flammable contents of the place and the speed of civil defense requestDo not try to extinguish the flame so that no gas leak occurs significantly posing a significant riskNot throw Clothing and jealousy on the disc with a view to extinguishingIt is very important to secure the place and keep children and family place
He asked civil protection (civil defense

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