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First aid in case of fainting

First aid in case of Fainting

Fainting is the person's consciousness, just due to lack of supply of brain cells, the amount of blood required to work continuously and this fainting working on the occurrence of the injured on the ground, Fortunately, most cases regain consciousness soon fall to the ground as a result of the rush of blood to the brain of the parties and the basic thing that must recall doing here is to open the air passages of the infected do not even happen to him choking as a result of the fall of the tongue behind during fainting and this is all what the patient needs in this situation.
The patient should be reminded that he fainted, which is repeated if felt any weakness or dizziness fainting before the rush by lying on the floor immediately to prevent a seizure and thus prevent any possible injuries that occur as a result of sudden impact the ground or any solid object next to the patient.
Signs and symptoms:
1 / pale in color of the face.
2 / profuse sweat and cold with the coldness in the limbs.
3 / dizziness or vertigo with difficulty in concentration.
4 / Baltnmal feeling in the limbs and inability to capture Basha.
5 / nausea (the tendency to killing)
6 / confusion in sight, and the confusion of ideas.

First Aid:
1 / Leave Mstkulaia if the patient on his back.
2 / Do not put any pillows under the head because it helps to close the airways, causing suffocation of the patient, but you must open the airways of the patient as described in the breathing part.
3 / chronicled the injured tight clothes and Work to resolve any gathering around it to allow the renewal of the infected air.
4 / In the event of vomiting of the injured patient should run on its side and clean the air ducts.
5 / Do not pour any water or liquid on the face of the patient if unconscious because this impedes breathing and lead to suffocation.
6 / Do not give the victim any fluids by mouth unless it was fully conscious.
7 / Examine the patient quickly to the discovery of any injury or bleeding body or head due to sudden fall.
8 / ask for medical assistance and to make sure that the episode, just a show transient and not a precursor to any potential complications of the illness can not be detected only by a specialist.

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