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First aid of Bleeding

First aid of Bleeding

The definition of bleeding:

Flow or the flow of blood outside the blood vessels.
For external bleeding
* First aid for external bleeding:
* The initial actions of the first aid for bleeding the outside:
- You must first determine the existence and how the injury was and the date of last dose of vaccination against tetanus cholesterol patient.

* Evaluation of external bleeding:
- Wear gloves.
- Wearing (Jaon), a special cloak over clothes to protect him from the medic and condom pollution of the eye and the face (mask).
- Determine the type and depth of the wound by cutting.
- Determine whether the wound is contaminated.
- To determine whether arterial bleeding (have a red light and heavy) or venous (dark red in color and less abundant).
- Assessment of vital signs (respiration - pressure - pulse - temperature).

* Warnings:
- Result in severe bleeding to death and the maximum for adults about 2.2 liters and for the children of 5-7 liter by weight.
- Use the upgraded (compressor to stop the bleeding bloody) rates are simple and specifically because more harm than good.
- Wash your hands after caring for a sick or injured, even if wearing gloves.

* First aid protocol for external bleeding:
- Covering the wound with a bandage and then pressing it by hand for five minutes at least.
- If the bleeding does not stop within five minutes, hold down then go to the nearest hospital or medical clinic.
- Raise part or organ Elmejrouh to the top (above the level of the heart) in the absence of fractures with tightly linked.
- To reduce the blood flow you need by clicking on the artery in place the appropriate pressure.
- Do not remove the bandage when the blood stopped and the beginning of the Tglth bandages to support the other if necessary.
- Use the upgraded (compressor to stop the bleeding) only if all the roads failed to stop the bleeding.
- Follow-up breathing and vital signs.
- Note minor wounds after the cessation of bleeding within five minutes of their need for sewing or put antibiotic ointment on it.
- Uses oxygen in the case of severe bleeding.

* Resorting to the doctor:
- Resort to the doctor:
- If it does not control the bleeding and begin to face the victim for shock.

* Booster doses of tetanus:
- Taken a booster dose of tetanus in the case of contaminated wounds is simple (if not taken ten years ago).
- And also a booster dose in the case of large wounds contaminated (if not taken for five years).
- In the case of non-final vaccination from a young age to be resorting to the doctor immediately.
- All the wounds that require stitching has to be given injections against tetanus.

Internal Hemorrhaging

* First aid for internal bleeding:

* The initial actions of the first aid for bleeding procedure:
Internal bleeding is more difficult to select for external bleeding, but can be reached by the type of incident and the extent of the injuries to the person, and through:
- Change the color of the skin (and bruises in the affected area).
- The presence of fibrous tissue such as that found in the stomach will be the pain and swelling.
- Anxiety and tension and feeling uncomfortable.
- Rapid and feeble pulse.
- Breathing fast.
- Pale skin, and the acquisition of color like blue, with chills.
- Nausea and vomiting.
- Increased thirst.
- Lack of awareness gradually.
- Evaluation of the presence of signs of shock.

* Warnings:
- Internal bleeding leads to a severe deterioration in the patient and then to his death because it leads to the occurrence of a shock and a complete failure in the lung and heart.

Protocol first aid to internal bleeding:
- Measurement of vital signs: pulse - pressure - breathing - the temperature.
- Help the patient take the situation in the most appropriate and comfortable for him.
- The injured side exposure to high heat or cold.
- To calm the injured.
- Care of any other injuries.
- Use Mask - Oxygen 8 to 12 liters / hour.

* Resorting to the doctor:
- Resort to the doctor in all cases of internal bleeding to the amount of gravity.

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