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Fractions - first aid

Fractions - first aid

The definition of fracture
Is a break or crack in the bone caused by a powerful force sufficient to cause breakage and that in normal bone and bone when the patient (tumor - the fragility of ....), the force is simple enough to fracture it. This force either:
1. Directly: car crashes, or falls from a high-rise.
2. Indirectly: any twisting or severe bone turnover may lead to broken

Symptoms and signs of fractures
1. Deformity - swelling - bruising the broken part.
2. Pain and difficulty moving the affected area.
3. Minors or rotation or curvature of the injured party, as in fractures of the head or neck or body of the thigh.
4. Hear the voice of coarse (pop) when you move the fracture zone (in the changing fractions).
5. In open fractures: There is a wound in the region has seen both ends of the broken bone.
6. When there are multiple fractures in the pelvis and thigh bleeding occurs may lead to severe shock.

Types of fractures
1. Simple fractions:
(Closed - non interchangeable) is covered with the skin to break open and non-opposite ends of the bone
(Closed - interchangeable) skin is sound, but both ends of the bone broken apart with a blood clot.
2. Fractions multiplier: (a line of more than Kosrovi fracture).
3. Open fractures: the skin covering the bone and see the open ends of the fracture and there is a risk of contamination.
4. Mixed fractions: There escort injury to fracture may be in the blood or nerve or nearby tissue

Initial measure
Let it be your goal as follows:
1. Prevent moving the injured party.
2. Emergency medical assistance to transfer the injured to the hospital

Steps in place to measure the initial fracture is closed:
1. Demand of the patient not to move the affected limb may need to help others to do so.
2. Install the injured part or bandage splint extending to the right of the party.

- In the upper limb fractures (fractures of the humerus) show the arm to the panic by bond.

- If you have used it in the splint fractures of the forearm Ttpet

- In the lower limb fractures Link to sound leg to leg to install the infected and non-movement

3. Ask for medical assistance by calling an ambulance to provide medical care. And transport the injured to the hospital properly.

If you suspect the presence of shock (the emergence of change in the level of awareness of the patient and the face - cold sweat on the skin, face, narrow at the ends of the same pale parties), you can help the injured lower limbs of the two parties to lift up and broken Atrf party in the event of increased pain.

4. Check the blood circulation in the affected limb by observing the color of the skin and the presence of arterial pulse after each dressing area (10 minutes) In the event of pallor or cyanosis or swelling in the area tried to loosen the bandage.

Do not move the victim to prove and support the injured part - because the move could lead to complications such as a bad injury of blood vessels or nerves or tissues adjacent to the ends of broken bone - but if the patient is at risk.
Do not allow the injured drinking or eating or smoking because it may need general anesthesia when the treatment.

Special case:
Application of tensile strength: if the party gave me the broken or distorted clearly can not be installed and need to flatten the spectrum and that the withdrawal of the Party straight, which will also pull muscles and reduce bleeding in the place of fracture.
For the application of the drag line with the trend of steadily bone until the bone is straight and hold it until the party is not moving and if so why Atqm tensile km is possible for an infected

The steps involved in the management of fracture of the first open
Let it be your primary goal:
1. Stop the bleeding, prevent the movement of the fracture, infection and pollution prevention the place of infection.
2 - He was taken to the hospital right ways.
And by performing the following steps:
1. Wear sterile gloves if you have then covered the wound with a clean cloth or sterile dressing with the application of direct pressure on the bleeding wound without pressure or move the ends of bone protruding from the opening of the wound.
2. Put a clean pad over dressing.
3. Dressing and it proved the bond pad is screwed a lot so as not to interrupt the circulation of the end of the injured party
4. Proved the injured party in the case of fracture closed and the transfer of the patient in the right way to the hospital.
5. Treat shock if symptoms appeared as mentioned previously and watch the blood circulation after the Rabat area of ​​each (10 minutes).

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