Friday, August 24, 2012

Half of all Infant Deaths in Clinical Incidents ..... Caused by sleeping children next to their parents

Half of all infant deaths in clinical incidents ..... Caused by sleeping children next to their parents 

British study showed that half of the cases of infant mortality and those who die in accidents caused by sleep clinical parents along with their children
According to the BBC, "BBC," said the study, prepared by a team from the University of "Bristol" and found that the participation of children in the family is the basis of factor in the death of more than 50% of cases
It pointed out that an opinion poll conducted by the "Foundation for the Study and infant mortality" in Britain included 500 women showed that a quarter of them complain that their children family makes children at high risk
The study pointed out that most of the deaths got to sleep a family-by-side baby on the couch, as most of these incidents were related to smoking parents or eating sedative drugs before going to sleep.
It appeared that five and infant mortality suffocated because of the pillow and suffocated with a quarter wrap cover them
The researchers said that despite the low number of such incidents since the campaign was organized in the early nineties but the advice is still necessary in order to help reduce these accidents are full size
The team warned parents to sleep with Redaahm if they had consumed drugs
The Director of the "Foundation for the Study of infant mortality" in Britain Joyce Epstein, "We know that the most at risk of clinical death are children of young mothers or even unmarried as well as teenage weakness group most likely reject the advice that there is no Tnmn on the couch side their infants

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