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How do I protect my baby the risk of falling accidents?

How do I protect my baby the risk of falling accidents?

Recent studies have demonstrated in Britain to the death of two children per day due to accidents in the home and increase the incidents of the first year to almost fourteen 

Reem Mazen told about her experience, and through which you can not fully protect young children from falls in spite of its keen interest in comfort and safety. 

The mother of two children, Khalid 3 years peaceful two years, told about Mrierh experience passed Bah with her eldest child crave he was eight months old, which was caused by some special things P home as she put it. 

Says "I've learned that houses sometimes cause inconvenience for the rest of the population can also increase their stress, and hurt children because for some of the incidents that arise often neglect some simple things." 

She adds that "tampering with the child unbridled desire to explore and play with all eyes fall upon, so the kitchen is one of the most of those places where the child, and located the horrific accidents that claim the lives of mostly children." Consider falls of the much exposure of our children to talk about the foundations of prevention that should be adhered to in order to spare the children the risk of such incidents. 


Accidents are falling into the house of the most common causes of death in children or injury fractures and bruises common especially in childhood and adolescence, and are often located these incidents as a result of lack of attention and neglect, or because of preoccupation with the mother and father together, but there are reasons help to repeat the fall of children, and the most important reasons for the fall in children: 

Leave things and objects on the ground and not arranged after you are finished using them. 

  Not arranging furniture or placed in an appropriate manner. 

 Non-drying wet ground, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. 

  Lack of attention to the family, especially a bed floors. 

 Movement of the child in complete darkness at night. 

 Placement in Rockers and put the chair on a high place. 

 The falls can be avoided considering the following: 

 Avoid placing furniture and especially chairs near the windows so as not to take the child a way to rise and then fall, it is best to put barriers on the stairs and windows to protect the child. 

 Arrange furniture in a good way, where is not placed in the hallways or in the movement of the child, and dispensing with the excess. 

 Be careful not to let water or detergent on the ground to avert child or collision. 

 Ensure there is enough lighting at night with the child can be inferred that way. 

 The need to pursue child when placed on the bed, and is best not to use the two-story bed. 

Dispensed Rockers as much as possible, we have proved statistically that the incidents of British children aged below year many because of the status of the child in a rocking chair and put it on the high places, leading to injuries in the heads of these children, and bleeding in their brains. 

And fall accidents are also a major cause of bleeding of the brain, especially if it falls on the head, and should not be tolerated if the bleeding does not appear externally, it is likely to be bleeding internally, too, and if the child fell must be Tabba to several things 

Are child fainted after falling? 

Suffered convulsions? 

Vomited ..? 

 Whatever else seen simple, you must refer the hospital, the fear of a skull fracture accompanied by internal bleeding, and any delay could lead to death. Surgeon deals with internal bleeding pumping blood accumulated in the skull. 

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