Sunday, August 12, 2012

Incidents of electricity

Incidents of electricity

The need for energy in daily routine and modern truth, which is also all the modern technology such as double-edged. Therefore must be managed with alert and not to leave Kids play devices and energy cords in the home should also be aware of the risks of energy and early.
Procedures include the avoidance of electric injuries the following points:

Raise the electric cabling and devices of the reach of kids as much as possible.
Cautious strategy of the lasting cabling of kids when they are used.
Always check the credibility of the electric cords and go with them with the requirements and requirements.
Do not obtain more cabling potential.
Put electric gadgets on set providers, for worry of dropping on the kids when drawn.
Removed from contact with electric devices Boaada wet.
Sons accustom to deal with seo when using electric devices, do as instructed you own.
Avoid running devices on wet surfaces and always prefer to wear shoes to avoid electric excitement.
Away from the "cables" revealed in any place and not in contact with the north and south poles special time of rainfall.
Maintenance of electric devices, it is always recognized and verified for use.
Switch off the energy for the gadgets used soon after achievement.

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