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Incidents of heating

Incidents of Heating

Motivates the causes of accidents and the various indicates of warming in winter to the poor use of requirement or lack of know-how of the conditions of protection, such as power and gas fire, a fire and fire Alcrosan working with oil or water, or those that by fossil fuel or wooden.
Methods of avoidance of the risks of such heating units are as follows:

A - Power fireplace

Not connected to the heating units cables so as not to cause bad power case.
Do not position cabling under mats and furnishings.
Avoid putting the heating units in the passages within, especially at night even Atsagt on furnishings near them.
Not be remaining alone in kids so as not to drop or cause them harm.
Not be used as an device of the fire or warming or key kindle incense it.
Preferably a specified power detach the cord at the drop of the fire.

B - Gas fireplace
One of the most dangerous indicates of warming that must use them with warning because they contain a flammable gas when a kindle or fire near them as well as from suffocation caused by a gas flow during them within.
In the situation of use it must follow the following guidelines:

Ensure the protection of the heating units and the insufficient a gas flow before the operation and by making sure that the device between the cyndrical tube and Ostonh fire.
Put the cd away from the heating units a distance of not less than five measures and ideally the cyndrical tube out of the property as possible.
Not to put the heating units in the shelves or near the furnishings at house even cause a fire.
Not be remaining alone in kids and avoid them from tampering.
  Avoid setting fire to the space and also soaked with gas cyndrical tube must be shut if there is the fragrance of gas space.

C - Oil heater

That the recommendations on the Rights to stick to when using this heating units can be defined as follows:

Taken not to keep the pull exposed to avoid tampering.
Ignited outside the property until it has passed the fragrance and smoke associated with the key and then transferred to the property.
Taking into account the changing off the heating units when leaving the property.
Remove the heating units from any flammable material.
Mistake of the fire filled with fuel which is flammable in the situation.

D - The heating units, which works with oil
One of the best and most secure indicates of warming and is well known that this type is used after the oil is warmed by power as the oil passes through the hot processor and delivers E tambourine space without a direct fire or harmful smells.

So when you use the following recommendations should be followed:

Do not download power cabling or more of their energy and use the good kind to connect the power.
Put the heating units in a constant position so as not to drop and thus leak oil on the furnishings.
And - warming by fossil fuel or wood
The indicates of warming by fossil fuel and wooden from old media to I still others preferred the factors are many, such as appreciation for the past for the past or the fragrance of flash and traveling friends and household around her and other factors, and Aalahz that the use of this medium on the rise especially in the visitor houses and annexes and camps for climbing in addition to their use in the property .
Therefore, we recommend such as containerization user attention of risk across these points:

Ignite the fossil fuel out of the property to burn completely and then shifted into the rooms.
Avoid close the windows and doors until the site Aicba gas co to him and Alon Araúha, which leads to suffocation and death.
Not to keep the fossil fuel ranges in the passages or relative of furnishings in the property because it may cause a fire within.
Avoid tossing spend fossil fuel and wooden in the spend containers are still lit.
Awareness of the risks of fossil fuel close relatives and following the recommendations of protection.

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