Monday, August 27, 2012

Incidents of sharps

Incidents of sharps

For the prevention of incidents of acute injury with the tools to you the following points:

1. Stay away as much as possible when you use such tools and games sharp.

2. Not to leave the Kids play kitchen tools sharp and keep it away from their grasp.

3. Not to give young children when eating any fork or knife with teaching them how to eat healthy with un-sharp.

4. Prevent children from chasing each other between pieces of furniture in the rooms and corridors.

5. Not allow children to eat their eating and drinking utensils and cups in unbreakable Kzjaj example.

6. School retention tools (such as engineering tools (inside the bags and in the places allocated to recall.

7. Dimensions of the metal pieces and money of the reach of children
Third, incidents of lock doors
. Doors automatically bounce or because of strong winds caused by the collision of people or the child Znq fingers between the door and throat.

2. Doors helicopter collision caused another person is not visible behind the door.

3. Doors with sharp edges cause wounds or fractures of the hands or fingers.

It is necessary to pay attention to the dangers of the doors and take the necessary preventive measures such as:

1. Made good use of locks so not to cause the lock doors.

2. Not leave the keys to the doors and keep them in place is clear and known.

3. When detaining a child in one room houses or toilets should calm the child's first and immediately contact the Civil Defense at the difficulty of acting and not wasting time.

4. Not to break the door so as not to cause the child abuse.

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