Monday, August 27, 2012

Instructions necessary to prevent the risk of the gas cylinder

Instructions necessary to prevent the risk of the gas cylinder




. Should be dealt with cautiously and gas cylinder are preventable risk of shocks that are placed in the appropriate place far from burning materials such as fuel and heating stoves and placed on a suitable base cylinder above the ground to guard against moisture.

. The gas cylinders is the right of every citizen and no person may expose the gas cylinder any heat source or placed hot water or Dhrjtha

. Coated gas cylinder coating protects it from rust, corrosion and be light-colored reflective heat that must be maintained on the disc well

Preferably be installed by the gas cylinder and factor that must be trained on it, and that is changing the foreskin (leak proof) when installed.
. That is to examine the spill after gas cylinder installed by suds and not in any other ignition source Koawad match
 Be replaced gas regulator and gas hoses when damaged or periodically at least every year, and that quality is used shoddy and hoses are installed by private stalls

 In the event of a gas leak must be well-ventilated place and not to ignite any way only after making sure to stop the leak and ventilate the place.

 Be inspected and cooking stoves hooked up to tubes and keys constantly in order to prevent leakage.

9. Preferably close the gas cylinder valve after each use

 In cases of the use of gas in the process of heating indoor ventilation must periodically fact that the process of penetration of the gas consumed large quantities of oxygen and are not keep Balmedfih in-room after you are finished using them where it should be transferred to a well-ventilated places.
 Monitor children and not allow them to tamper with gas cylinders

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