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Kid protection in the property ... How to avoid falls

Kid protection in the property ... How to avoid falls

The reason for the event of accidents in the property random to lack of knowledge and ignore, because of inadequacies in the protection information with close relatives, so it was necessary for us to touch to this essential subject by making clear protection specifications to be followed in the property and how to avoid threats through direct guidelines essential that help family members to avoid accidents in the home

 Home is where the kid must feel the security, but it is regrettable that kids are revealed to family accidents serious Kalsagot, ... Etc. due to carelessness and non-intensive health care.
A child loads of desire to discover and perform, tampering everything is the same it, so we have to create our child perform and discover safely free from any risk.
 I know that planning and attention are essential to become a home more secure and more comfortable for your youngster.
Exposed yearly in the world, about two and a half of the kids of injury or loss of life within. Where increasing occurrences from the first to the 8th, but we can almost avoid a lot of these accidents following a few simple recommendations within.
As we feel dissapointed about to highlight that loss of life does not write only part of the disaster, as paid loss of life every child there are thousands of other kids who experience from lasting problems and partially outcome of the various types of accidents.
The impairment impacts not only the sufferer but on community as a whole and in particular on the economy of the category of the sufferer because it covers the medical and expensive.

  A - drops and falling and slipping:
The drops of the most common family accidents and occurrences represent many occurrences of the home, and comes second position in terms of being one of the most essential activities resulting in the loss of life of kids after road accidents. And thus to secure our kids must adhere to the following precautionary measures:

Fall avoidance for balconies and windows:
1 - You must close the gates resulting in balconies.
2 - should be placed limitations and advisable limitations appropriate constant with the protection circumstances on the windows and balconies.
3 - You should avoid putting furniture, especially seats and platforms near the windows and balconies to avoid the drop of the kids of them.
Prevention of dropping in the bathroom:
The restroom floor tiles wet water risk could slide him kids or adult, and this often causes critical accidents fall.
So adhere to these guidelines:
 1 - flooring must cover the restroom is made of silicone or vinyl fabric and get rid of the remains of grains and fluid detergent (shampoo) user while bathing.
 2 - must be provided with the bottom of the shower silicone carpeting when bathing.
Prevention of misbehavior in the living room:
1 - You must create sure that the book shelves, TV and other hefty things, even properly set up child can not move.
2 - Purchase furniture in a good way, so do not put in the entrances or in the area of ​​movement of the kid, and providing with the excess them.
Fall avoidance in the bedroom:
1 -. Should not be the range between the spacers on the edges of wood made bed child more than 6 cm to be able not to get into his head from.
2 - Keep high side of the bed and secured whenever your child within.
3 - should not be left within the games bed so as not to take a position by the kid, as the kid may use it to take a position out of the bed.
4 - You must create sure that the fasteners limited firmly bed, and there is no fasteners lost.
5 - Keep the bed away from windows, designs and works of art clinging on the surfaces, and warming systems, and furniture that can climb up, and Layer Cables, and other things that can jeopardize the protection of the kid.
Fall avoidance in the cusine room:
1 - Do not let your youngster must take a position in a seat eating, or to come out on his own.
In the end, we can only highlight the mother and father to be extremely control and notice all guidelines of protection and concepts to avoid the great majority of accidents that cause lasting impairment for our kids and sometimes may end their life.

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