Monday, August 27, 2012

Methods of prevention of burns

Methods of Prevention of Burns

Burns, especially those resulting from hot liquids is one of the common accidents at home, and most patients are children, and to protect children from these incidents Here are some tips:
1, you must determine the temperature of the heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit 50 degrees Celsius in order to avoid burns, hot water, as the body of a child exposed to hot water much higher than that degree just lead to severe burns.

2, the nozzle should always put a pitcher heading to the back of the stove or oven.

3, should not carry any child during the cooking process.

4, in case of transfer of water or hot materials, it must specify where you will be transferred to him in advance, and make sure there are no children in the way.

5, should not eat or drink any liquid such as tea and coffee with a child in your lap.

6, prefers not to put the feast given by or on the dining table cloth, because the children they may drag, and therefore it is the fall of materials, and perhaps acquire a damage.

7, should prevent children from access to the site of the fireplace.

8, should not be used to heat the Almkroev breastfeeding a child, because it heats the outer layer more, which could lead to the burning of the mouth and pharynx when the child took him to the breast.

9, should be placed a protective grille to prevent children's access to the radiators and fireplaces.

10, should not use gas, kerosene heaters inside the house.

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