Monday, August 27, 2012

Pesticide poisoning incidents, and detergents

Pesticide poisoning incidents, and detergents

Summarized procedures for prevention of such incidents in the following:
Remember pesticides and cleaning products in well-ventilated places closed, and far from sources of moisture and direct heat and flame, and far from the reach of children.

2. Avoid the development of these materials when used in the eating utensils and drinking.

3. Lack of direct exposure to various detergents, pesticides, and to refrain from eating and drinking during use.

4. Not to enter the areas sprayed with pesticides, but after a period of necessary safety.

5. Caustic soapy detergents and de-stain and used Kmtehrat must be used properly taking into account the non-arrival of the eye, nose and mouth.

6. Not to mix these materials even to each other and cause explosion Ataatvaal. Choose the right place and secure the cylinder and preferably away from the cooking sites and well ventilated.

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