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Poisoning: an entry of any deleterious substance (natural or manufactured) or contaminated with a certain amount to the body, he spoke damage in the body

Ports that the intervention of toxic substances into the body:
1. Swallowing: through the mouth and digestive system.
2. Inhalation: that is, by the respiratory system (such as toxic gases and vapors and gaseous anesthetics).
3. Injection, such as insect bites or injection drug skin or subcutaneous or intramuscular injection or intravenous.
4. Skin by absorption (such as paints and chemicals).

And poisoning can divide it in terms of the causes to:
1. Poisoning with drugs.
2. Chemical poisoning.
3. Food poisoning.

Signs and symptoms of poisoning:
Diagnosis is based on many things are the circumstances of the incident and Views
Registered in the place of occurrence and pathological signs that appeared on the
Devitalized addition to the analysis results.

(A) the circumstances of the accident and examination of the place:
The most exciting things to the suspicion of poisoning is the occurrence of severe symptoms are similar when people ate food or drink one. The presence of some chemicals or toxic drug in the room (can be seen a strange smell or color or characteristic means stranger), or the presence of empty bottles are used to save these materials or the presence of the drug box near the patient (or the scattering of pills next to the patient).
(B) pathological signs:
(1) gastrointestinal symptoms:
Nausea and vomiting - severe abdominal pain - diarrhea

And vomiting especially distinctive odor, such as cases of cyanide poisoning (smell of bitter almonds), and inorganic phosphorus (the smell of garlic).
(2) respiratory symptoms:
The coughing and shortness of breath and cyanosis, especially in cases of poisoning Balabkhrh irritants and gases,

* The natural rate of breathing in adults about 16 times per minute.

(3) stroke symptoms:
And the outcome of the central nervous system infection and take multiple forms:
* Coma (coma)
* Convulsions (Convulsion)
* Agitation (manic Mania)

(4) symptoms of poisoning by swallowing corrosive substances Kalahmad intensive and Cleaners: burns on the mouth and severe pain, chest Balblaum result of the burning of the esophagus.
General rule for all cases of poisoning ambulance

In order to properly aid should consider the following:
1. Make sure there is no additional risk (you or your patient) due to you the ministry of the patient.
2. If possible:
• Select the type of poison or medicine or food, and keep Buaaúh residues or cover.
• Knowledge of the dose or amount of material addict.
• The time dealing (ie, how much time went on eating article).
• the person's age and weight.
3. Whether deliberately poisoning or wrong.
4. Note associated symptoms (whether mild or severe).
5. If there is vomiting in custody (for easy analysis by the competent authorities).
6. Contact poison center or hospital and get initial advice.
7. Ask for aid or medical aid, or move the injured.
8. And make sure that the poison and Uaaúh in the company of the patient to the hospital.
9. If unconscious: You must check breathing and CPR if necessary.

In the case of inhaled toxins such as smoke exhaust:

1. Make sure that you yourself do not be a victim of these gases as well.
2. Remove the source of these gases / vapors (for example, turning off the engine)
Or closure of the gas pipe
3. Move victim to a well-ventilated place.
4. Ask for medical aid.
5. If need be your industrial ventilation of the patient or to give CPR

In the case of the toxins that touches the skin or eyes:
1. Immerse the area with cold water current for a period not less than 15 minutes and wash eyes gently flooding the region has continued to reach you for help.
2. Beyond all contaminated clothing.
3. Do not use any chemical antidotes.
In case of ingestion or drinking poison or household chemicals:

First: If the patient is still conscious:
• Call poison center or hospital.
• Give milk or water for adults or two glasses Cup, children half cup to a full cup.
• If the cause of drug poisoning, tried to cause vomiting. Many cases the impact of the patient vomits the poison and then no need to increase the fatigue alert the patient vomit. It is possible to alert vomiting (after consulting a doctor) in a manner that repeated mechanical and touch the back wall of the pharynx Boukhavd of the tongue or the hands of a wooden spoon).
• To prevent choking vomiting Position the patient in the development of the bottom of the body (both sides of the situation is similar to the status of recovery).
• If the poisoning materials such as kerosene oil or incendiary materials, do not try to bring about vomiting, but never give the injured drink water or milk.

Second: If the victim is unconscious:
• call the ambulance or move it to the nearest medical center.
• Notice if the breath and breathing place the patient in recovery position (see r).
• And if not breathing start CPR (CPR).
• Do not causing vomiting at all.

Groups of drugs that cause poisoning when high doses of drug abuse
1. Nervous system drugs (Kmahdiat and hypnotics and alcohol and antiepileptic drugs).
2. Analgesics and antipyretics (such as aspirin and paracetamol "acetaminophen" and ibuprofen and diclofenac).
3. Circulatory system drugs (drugs and medicines, the pressure treatment of diseases of the heart).
4. Antihistamine drugs (drugs to treat allergies).
5. Drugs reduced sugar and contraceptive drugs.
6. Medicines for muscles relaxants.

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