Monday, August 20, 2012

Protect your child from the dangers home

Protect Your Child From The Dangers Home

Highlighted the most prominent risk home and how to remove a child from her in order to help every mother in the Arab world in protecting the health of a small child, and his life.

Power Supply: electrical outlets are easily accessible to children because they are at a low altitude. Must cover these windows sheeting to protect your child from the risk of electricity.

Kitchen tools: kitchen holds many risks for your child, it contains a detergent and be full of hot tools. Be sure always to close tightly and cupboards Use kink protection for gas to protect your child from hot tools.

Sharps: In the first year, your child adores discover new tools Kalmqs or knives or glass which may cause danger. Madam supposed to keep these tools in an airtight cabinets at home, and keep the tools breakable out of reach of your child.

Risk of falling: This type of risk inherent in your child all the time during his stay in the house. Therefore, care must be taken not to leave the child alone for good in bed or in a vehicle.
It must also drawn to the lack of chairs and pillows to keep along with the child after reaching the eighth month.

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