Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Risks of oil burning

Risks of oil burning

Not taking place so that money bad consequences in the kitchen by leaving the oil on the stove, and the busy housewife him another job, and because the period of concern from the stove may allow the fire to reignite the oil.

Prevention in this area are as follows:

Do not leave oil on the gas stove and concern about another job.
Follow-up workers at home and increase their awareness of these incidents.
  Permanent cleaning gas stove from the effects of oil spilled.
Avoid risks in the kitchen
The kitchen is a high-risk places in the home, especially for young children who play kitchen utensils, tools, hot in the absence of the mother or governess.

Therefore, we recommend following the following:

A barrier appropriate to the kitchen door to prevent children from entering it.
Place the child in his bed for him or even to walk Cart did not get to hot tools.
Using the eyes of the stove when cooking back to the safety of the user.
Do not leave cooking utensils holders towards the Imam.
Does not allow young children to participate in the provision of meals for their own safety.

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