Monday, May 18, 2015

Safety of weapons

Safety of weapons

The child who is under the age of eight years can not tell the difference between real weapons and games that are in the form of weapons. But a child who is three years old is able to put pressure on the trigger a real weapon. The children and adolescents who commit more than half of the cases of unintentional shootings

Here are some things that one can do to maintain the safety of himself and his family

teach children to avoid touching the weapons at all, and teach them that if they saw a weapon to leave it and get away with him and tell him one of the adults around them

If children are playing at the home of another family, you should talk to the second family on the issue of safety of weapons

must deal with any weapon that is ready to fire at any moment, even if it is empty

should always save arms blank shots

weapons should be kept in locked cabinet be the keys hidden in a safe place

must save ammunition away from the same weapon within a locked place

• Do not keep any weapons inside the house if a family member suffering from a mental illness or severe depression, or if he has a tendency to violence

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  1. It is important to know before buying any arms and ammunition that what are the rules to keep them. For the sake of safety, the weapon owner must not load it if it is not intended to use. Keep the weapon away from children at all cost.

    Arnold Brame


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