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Types of accidents in the home

Types of accidents in the Home

First, the result of defects in the electrical business or finishes and accidents resulting from the operation of the equipment and household abuse

Second, the result of defects in business or architectural finishes and construction

1 - incidents resulting from acts or finishes and electrical operation and misuse:
Accidents, the most common form of exposure to water or humidity or direct contact and are divided into:

A - accidents resulting from the fixed equipment, such as electrical wiring shown or hidden and distribution panels electrical substation and the main and transmission Kalmsaad and listing the electrical and power generating sets Kalharkat for power generation and household devices pumping and lifting and sprinkling of pure water or sewage, and devices Heating and air-conditioning and ventilation systems and devices and equipment, use of solar energy as well as equipment washing and drying industry as is the case in the kitchens of the central, and equipment and fire fighting equipment and alarm and control and protection equipment fitness and swimming, sauna and other means of physical therapy .
B - accidents caused by equipment moving, such as kitchen equipment and furniture, and mobile devices for heating and ventilation and air conditioning limited and cooling and lighting and other home appliances as organs television, video, and other means of communication and equipment Sports home and children's games and mobile devices other.
C - Methods of prevention: a follow techniques of public safety and manufacturer's instructions and maintenance agreement with the specialized institutions have, in addition to personal protection by the individual user has. Personal and private household appliances in the home services such as individual hairs and drying and ironing clothes and cooking and grilling, and others.

Second, domestic accidents resulting from poor construction or finishes Eve: and is divided into two parts Natjhan incidents of poor design and the other for misuse, any works for the purposes of space not designed for it.
And from these examples:
* Listing is equipped with internal protections and hands or handles help to climb and get off
* Choose a tile as well as causing the slide in Allamcn is not appropriate to them.
* Choose a Alabob well as internal sunscreens to see the inside and outside of them or that may affect the user at the hands of spontaneous closure,
* And also Frendat Albulakin is protected against the boys and climb Abthm,
* As well as the large number of inclusions inside the house is necessary to separate some parts of the house from each other to achieve the purposes of isolationism.
* Lack of insurance as well as lighting and natural ventilation as much as possible.
* As well as the selection of dark colors that are not conducive to the spread of light.
* As well as non-observance of occupants and the magnitude of gains in length or obesity often occurs bumping head bridges low in some places to Aaspab construction.
* As well as the installation of mechanical equipment on the walls and ceilings are not designed for this business if animated.
* As well as the existence of thresholds during and through the corridors that would cause distress in walking during the transition from place to place,
* As well as the failure to observe altitudes Sudd home and the amount of storage is intended to afford them.
* As well as the failure to observe the presence of iron protection on the windows to prevent the fall of the children.
* The lack of a Tsoana Bartf above the surface at least 90 cm to prevent children from falling if the surfaces are accessible to reach.
* As well as the lack of lighting necessary and appropriate to the nature of works.
* As well as the non-observance of the minimum requirements set by the establishment of the Jordanian National Building Codes in terms of area and the amount of endurance and the public safety and the entrances and exits and stairs rising and stalls and transmission of fire and smoke and not the requirements of public safety. And may not be accepted to buy a house just for the beauty and architectural facades and the quality of tiles and windows and Ahadjro Almnjur Subject to the conditions under which public safety. There are offices and institutions and specialized companies to inspect the buildings offered for sale to make sure of safety before agreeing to buy them.
There are general requirements for safety outside the home for the purposes of delivering power Allekebaúa and water services and sewer garage and keeping cars and fences around the house. In addition to open access corridors, covered or protected.

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