Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Velcro Fast Locks

Velcro Fast Locks

Need to protected up the refrigerator, variety, cupboard, etc. to keep out the kids (or pets!)?

Anywhere you can place this protected on a entry and around a place benefits, it will work!

Cut two products - 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm) - of self-stick pattern Velcro®.

Cut one product - 6" x 2" (5 cm x 15 cm) of hook up Velcro®. Cut this product a longer period if needed to protect around place of refrigerator or cupboard.

Attach one brief product of pattern Velcro® at each end of the long hook up Velcro®. ⇒

Place great, out of your child's reach, on the refrigerator, micro-wave variety, refrigerator, cupboard, etc. - protect it around the benefits of the entry and onto our systems of the refrigerator, micro-wave variety, refrigerator, cupboard, etc.

Clean the place with an alcoholic beverages fresh first, for a highly effective difficult effect. Control off protection records, and keep pattern Velcro® products into place - one on entry, one on part - about 6" apart (or further if you cut a a longer period Velcro® strap). Let dry instantly for best results.

To use: Just unfasten hook up Velcro®, and start entry. Then refasten when entry is near.

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